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IMOJURIS is a legal information service in the field of Real Estate Law, managed by Vida Imobiliária, with the contribution of a group of nine prestigious law firms of recognized merit. It is a collective and innovative project that offers its subscribers a valuable collection of legal information in the real estate area.


Vida Imobiliária // Iberinmo S.L.

With over 20 years of experience, Vida Imobiliária is the reference publication for Portuguese real estate professionals and the market leader in information and events dedicated to this sector in Portugal. Aimed at a professional audience, it follows in detail all the news updates in the sector through its monthly printed magazine, website, e-news, awards and events. Vida Imobiliária’s editorial seal is also present in the Público Imobiliário newspaper.


This project is a hybrid, including traditional media content such as news and opinions, but also providing legal information divided into main real estate topics.

Each topic has several sections with specific sections, including analysis, jurisprudence as well as links to official legal documents.

Technology-wise, advanced permissions were developed to allow for a topic-based subscription.

We also highlight a clean layout, far from the traditional legal landscape.

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